CORMED was established by a partnership between two leading companies in the medical device manufacturing field, TAG Medical and TAV Medical. Both companies have decades of experience and success in the global market. The synergy of these companies gives CORMED immediate access to a wide range of resources and extensive knowledge, as well as enhanced development and production capabilities of medical products.

A one stop shop – R&D and engineering, RA&QA, live clinic and wet lab, and production with the most advanced technologies, all in-house.

CORMED is a leading company in the healthcare industry, specialising in closed system transfer devices (CSTDs) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals and patients with the highest level of protection against the potential risks associated with the handling of hazardous drugs.


CORMED announces the acquisition of Halo® System Transfer Device, introduced to the market by Corvida Medical

CORMED, a leading provider of medical devices, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Halo® introduced to the market by Corvida Medical, a rapidly growing innovator in the field of Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. The acquisition will allow CORMED to expand its offerings in the CSTDs market, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Corvida Medical is known for its innovative and state-of-the-art Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTD), Halo® which has received high marks for ease of use and safety. The acquisition will bring this cutting-edge technology to CORMED’s portfolio, enabling the company to offer even more comprehensive solutions to healthcare providers.

The acquisition is a strategic move for CORMED, as the demand for CSTDs continues to grow, driven by the need for safe handling of hazardous drugs in the healthcare industry. The combination of Cormed’s expertise in medical devices and Corvida Medical’s innovative technology implemented in Halo® will result in a powerful offering for healthcare providers, helping them to improve patient care and safety.

Why Halo®

Safe & Sealed

Provides a proven physical barrier that prevents the transfer of contaminants into the system and the escape of drug or vapor concentrations outside the system to protect against exposure.

Intuitive & Ergonomic

Designed for simplicity and comfort, with fewer pieces, fewer steps and single motion connections.

Compatible & Efficient

Meets industry standards to deliver a complete CSTD system that aligns with your existing work procedures.